7 productivity mistakes you may be making as a work-at-home mom (And how to overcome it)

Working from home with kids running around and being productive at the same time can be tough – Really tough. As a mom, one would easily have millions of work to do in addition to those trillions of work your kids are demanding from you. 

I have too! That abandoned laundry pile, dirty dishes, and the half-cooked veggies which I left as-is to attend to the crying baby (Phew…).  Furthermore, adding professional chores to the mix makes things more challenging.

Work-at-home mom
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If you are a work from home mom or aspiring to be a one but struggling to fit in the work to your already busy day, then this is for you. 

It’s not very long ago that I realized the need to balance my work and personal life timings. Because, man, it is not just me who is affected by my unproductive chaotic time management skills, but my baby too. 

All that little soul needs is my attention which has been scattered here and there between work and home.

But, I didn’t want that to continue. I have 2 babies in my hand – my real blood and soul baby and my new budding copywriting business. That is when I analyzed myself and came out with a list of habits that are affecting my productivity.

I tried – and am still trying – hard to come over these habits. And trust me, I could see effective changes already. Yes! I have peace of mind. I have undistracted time to spend with my little one. My chores are getting done faster and more perfectly than ever before. 

So, I thought I should list out those habits here that have been holding me back and reducing my potential.  And what I did to overcome it.

An unattended To-do list :

How many of you are used to waking up one fine day and making resolutions to maintain a to-do list, but waiving the practice in a month or a week or even a day? 

I did the same too. So many times. 

All my goals and objectives would seem so near and achievable when I start to make a to-do list. Eventually, that enthusiasm fades off in the hassle of daily life. 

But these tips helped me continue with the to-do listing habit for over a month now. Hope it goes strong for the days to come!

  • Try different methods of having a to-do list. But stick to what suits you – no matter how old fashioned or out-of-trend it is. Try these and choose what you like:
    • Bullet journal to-do list – time consuming but fun and engaging!
    • Paper and pen to-do list – simple and fast
    • Mobile notes or apps – on-the-go to-do list making is possible
  • Plan the to-do list at the time that better fits you. If planning the day before doesn’t work out for you, go plan it during the morning. There is no wrong in going against what most productivity tips say.  For someone like me, morning has been the best time to keep the mind fresh to plan for the day based on the current mood. 
  • Adding every small detail to the list. From peeling off onion skin to completing a blog post, everything goes into the to-do list. This way I just have my mind clear to just do the chores and not bothering it with the task of remembering. Seems silly, but believe me it works! 
  • Time specific or just a generic list. With a baby who doesn’t follow a proper routine, time-specific to-do lists did not work for me. So I make a generic list that I do throughout the day. 

Not sorting out the productive hours:

As a new mom, I struggled a lot initially to focus my mind on some work (I used to blame those postpartum hormones). But only later did I realize that – there were some parts of the day that would be favorable to do focused work. The key is to find that particular productive hour when you can do any task with enthusiasm.

Well, mine is during my baby’s morning nap times! 

Not prioritizing the tasks:

I know this was the worst mistake I have been making all along. Most days, I would start with a less important task on my most productive hour and spend the whole time working on it. 

Consequently, I would have less time for the high priority task. 

So, it is always better to prioritize the list of works you have. I have now started to use those productive hours of mine – when the baby is asleep – to work on these high priority chores. 


“I’ll do it later.”

“I don’t know how.”

“Where to start?”

“What if it’s not perfect?”

“I still have time.”

Does any of that sound like you?

Then you would probably be procrastinating.

Procrastination can be dangerous because it will deprive you of using your opportunity effectively.

So, it is very important to consciously bust off  this unproductive habit and get back on track.

Breaking bigger tasks to manageable chunks, focusing on what is very important and having a clear idea of what we are about to do can help eradicate this habit.

Having larger tasks:

With a busy baby to attend to, it is not always possible to get some dedicated hours of work at a particular time. Mostly, the works are squeezed in to suit the baby’s schedule.

Hoping to complete an hour long task in this teeny gap is just not clever. Hence, make sure to break your works to small 10 minutes tasks that can easily be accommodated in the short intervals.

Not asking for help:

Mommyhood is difficult. Accept it. Embrace it. 

There may be days when your baby is terribly cranky and clingy for the whole day. Or your hormones kick up leaving you depressed and frustrated. Or there can be tons of other reasons to feel off track.

It is never wrong to ask for help from your partner or family members to share the parenting tasks. You could even accept the fact to your boss or a colleague and seek help.

Remember, asking for help isn’t giving up. It’s refusing to give up.


I could recall myself mentioning ‘Multitasking’ as one of my talents in my high school sample resume. How insane have I been then?

Seriously, it took me a very long time to realise that multitasking is doing more damage than good. Every time I multitask, one or the other work goes awfully wrong and the whole concept backfires making me spend more time than needed.

Research shows that doing multiple tasks at a time actually reduces productivity by 40%. 

Hence, make sure to focus on one thing at a time for better results and forget multitasking as far as possible.

Final words

With all these said, here is one last thing that you should definitely do every single day without fail. 

Appreciate! Yeah, Appreciate yourself for what you have been able to do this day! Don’t fret about what you haven’t done. Celebrate what you accomplished and prepare for the next day.

Hope these helped you in some way. 

Until next post… Buh Bye!! 

Be it virtual or in real life, does interacting with strangers make you bit peaky, but you still want to get into the field of marketing? Maybe because your work profile demands a network marketing skill or you own a business that needs to be marketed.

Fret not, who said marketing is not for introverts? You may not feel great in coming up with a striking conversation with a complete stranger or uninterested in attending social gatherings. But that wouldn’t mean you couldn’t shine in the area of marketing.

Being introverted doesn’t mean being shy, aloof or socially awkward. Introverts are actually people who could get the best out of themselves when they are alone. 

It would be surprising to know that some of the most famous entrepreneurs who made the best out of marketing are introverts themselves – Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, to name a few. Didn’t they just outshine most extroverts out there?

After all, networking and connecting with people is a skill, which can be improved.

Traits of an introvert

No whole individual can be classified as an introvert or an extrovert. An extremely introverted person could have a few extrovert traits ànd come under the spectrum of both. 

An introvert may generally be categorized by the following traits – which are in fact beneficial at most times.

  • Get energy by being alone
  • Make better decisions on their own
  • Not affected by distractions
  • Handle situations independently
  • Think before they act
  • Prefer indirect mode of communication
  • Reluctant to volunteer
  • Avoids the spotlight

It is not that they  – let’s say ‘we’ (Because I am definitely an introvert) – are shy and frightened of being with other people. It is just that pointless conversations and unwanted distractions tend to pull down our energy. 

Can introverts do network marketing?

Sure we can. Being great at networking doesn’t mean you should be an extrovert. Introverts too can do it and be successful in it. 

We just have to come out of our comfort zone and learn to bring out some extrovert characteristics in us. 

But you definitely need not want to become an extrovert to become a thriving marketer.

Networking practices all introverts need to know

Not everyone is innately good at attending social gatherings or a networking event. But that is completely OK. 

The thing is that: as an introvert, with some practice and a few simple tips, you can easily handle these circumstances and rock your marketing journey. 

Here are a few such hacks which can help you tackle a networking process with less worry. 

1. Plan ahead

If starting conversation is what you struggle with, then you must reduce the stress by planning ahead. Prepare for an upcoming gathering or an event by researching people who are attending it. Know about them earlier so that you can have some base idea on what topic to talk with different people.

2. Focus on others

Sometimes, a gap between the conversation can be more terrifying to an introvert than the conversation itself. Try to fill in the void by asking questions so that you don’t feel that the focus will be on you. After all, people love being asked questions.

3. Take a friend along

You could always bring in your friend or a known person so that you don’t feel lonely and anxious in the midst of strangers. But make sure not to miss connecting with new people too.

4. Start with one on one conversation

Introverts are basically good at maintaining good one on one relationships. So, try speaking to one person at a time. That way, you can even refrain from talking a lot by making a real effort to listen.

5. Give yourself a break

If you really are overwhelmed with the crowd and the people, then back off slowly to give yourself a rest. 

Go! Grab your favourite book and Retreat to a peaceful couch spot. 

Or have a nice hot coffee and mentally process all the events of the day in silence.

Such ME-times can help you to recharge yourself to go back to rock your networking.

With all these said, there is nothing wrong in pushing yourself to learn some extroverted skills and executing them in your life. But the key is to embrace your introverted inner self and go along with what works best for you. 

Top 6 types of content marketing that will help you grow your business

❌Contents are a good way to fill up your web pages and social media posts.❌

Well, if you are in such an idea about contents, then you are terribly misinformed. 

Content creates brand awareness. It drives traffic to your website. It helps you create a bond with your present and future clients. To be precise, as everyone says, ‘CONTENT IS THE KING!’

It forms a foundation for digital marketing. Content is everywhere around you. It lives forever, literally, FOR – EVER! Which is why it is highly important for any business to focus on content marketing strategy.

Why Content Strategy?

Just an article, be it 500 or 2000 words, with loads of information for your viewers, won’t always work. You need to be clear about producing the right kind of content for the right people at the right time. For that, you should have a viable content strategy. 

The first step for arriving at a content strategy that would work out for you is to understand your customers and their needs. Good content should provide solutions to what your customers are looking for. 

With a variety of platforms available to implement content marketing, it is up to you to choose the right format to engage with your readers and eventually improve your traffic or sales.

Below is a curated list of top 6 types of content marketing that could pep up your reach.

1. Blog posts

Blogging is not new but it has become more sophisticated in recent years. More businesses have started using blogs as a tool for engaging their audience. 

Being the promising type of inbound marketing, blogs when designed to be informative, relevant and of good quality tend to attract prospects and convert them to leads.

The best part is that they are relatively easy to write and share. It gives greater visibility to the search engines provided the content is incorporated with appropriate keywords.

Search engines are where you can reach a majority of the people. For that to happen, search engines algorithms should be willing to rank you on the top. This is one place where blogs can be of great help.

When someone’s search leads them to your blog, it could be easy for them to get to know your products or services. 

Note that, the algorithms have changed and search engines have become intelligent, hence, only high-quality contents get recognition.

2. Social media posts

An estimate says, in the year 2018, 2.65 billion people are said to be on social media worldwide. That is said to increase to almost 3.1 billion by 2021…

Dude! That is literally a very big number!

Because we love distraction. We love knowing people. We love staying in touch with people. We love the information it showers. We love the entertainment it provides.

Which is why social media can be one of the best bet in your content strategy. Your business can reach billions. All you need to do is provide the right content for the right people. Be it video, audio, text or infographics, social media can help you showcase them to the world. 

After all, this is where you can get to know your audience. Interaction and engagement are higher in social media which can be highly beneficial for running a successful venture.

3. Podcasts

Not many businesses have included this in their content strategy. Which, by the way, is one of the most important reasons that you should enter into the world of podcasts TODAY!.

Who doesn’t multitask these days? Everyone is running behind time to check a box in their to-do list. If you would want to squeeze into this busy schedule of your audience, then podcasts should be your go-to option.

Blog posts or videos require people to allocate time to sit and read or watch. But Podcasts can be heard on the go without any effort. Be it while driving a car or working out in gym, podcasts could give them company.

With low competition and the growing popularity of the podcasts, the listeners are exceptionally loyal to the selected programs they watch. This could eventually help in developing a good customer base for your business.

4. Infographics

I bet everyone would have had that day when you just glance at the pictures in the newspaper. At least once. Have you wondered, you may eventually end up in reading a piece of article just because the graphic attracted you?

That is the power of graphics. And so is Infographics.

They provide us with a great deal of information, from statistics to definitions to research, in an engaging and easy-to-read way. It tempts people to want to see provided the art of infographic creation is handled in the right manner. 

Make sure to give legitimate information in a clear manner through infographics. If not always, then at least, once in a while.

5. E-books, Printables or Guides

Hunt for resources never stops for a human. Which is why, providing e-resources like E-books, printable guides can be of great help to improve your reach. A good strategy is to start with providing free resources straight to the visitor’s mail helping you to build an e-mail list.

Keeping the promotional elements to as minimum as 5% can provide greater value to your customers. They are looking for solutions and information. Provide it. If you have done a good job in gaining their trust and interest, they will come back for your paid resources too.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest can be addictive. It gives you hours and hours of creative ideas. Moreover, it is kind of a visual search engine that could give endless traffic to your website. Unlike other search engines, it gives a visually pleasing search experience.

More and more people are searching for ideas and inspiration on this platform. This space serves as a highly-targeted advertising tool. The numbers say that a whopping 93% of pinners are using Pinterest to plan for future purchase. Which means it provides your business or the website with a genuine audience. 

With Pinterest playing a major role in most people’s purchase decisions, Pinterest marketing should definitely be a part of your business’s digital marketing strategy.

If you are willing to experiment with these most sought-after content types, then you should put in your work and get feedback from your customers to optimize your plans. 

With that said, if ever you need a helping hand with effective content planning, Samastha is just a call away. 😊

Hire us and we could help you reap the benefits of high traffic and lead generation for your business.

Here’s why 95% of people fail at social media marketing. (And how you can succeed!)

‘70% of the U.S. population has a profile on at least one social networking site.’

‘More than 80% of small businesses use social media marketing to maximise their reach.’

‘54% of internet users use social media to research the products they need.’

‘71% of customers with a positive experience with a seller on social media are likely to promote it to their peers.’

Be it a billion-dollar business or a local store, social media is the best way for any business to connect to people – an incredibly large group of people. We view social media as a personal space, hence gaining their trust is easy through this platform.


Don’t let these numbers get into your head. Because, the fact that most businesses fail to make any profit from this space is also true. Reasons could be plenty. Social media marketing requires more effort and time to take it to the right path. The right knowledge about what you are doing and what your audience want can take you to heights.

Here are a few of those reasons why most businesses fail miserably in social media marketing and how you could avoid making the same mistake.

Lack of a proper plan

Are you worried that you have been stuck in the pitfall of social media and failing deep in it?

You get all those likes and comments you want, but not sure why you don’t have that desired output in sales? 

Getting likes and comments from some random visitor of your page isn’t what the social media is about. Engagement is the key, but understand it needs to be the right kind of engagement.

  • First off: Understand who is your customer. Developing a customer persona can help you better. Know what your potential clients are looking for. And act accordingly.
  • Plan which platform has more of your target audience and focus on that. 
  • Document your social media marketing strategy so that you don’t deviate from it. 

Investing in social media marketing without having a plan can have adverse effects on your sales. Make sure to spend time on planning an effective strategy to avoid putting people off your brand.

Content that doesn’t work out

Remember, anyone on the web is there for a reason – information, motivation, fun or even time pass. Focusing on the need of the audience rather than boosting your product or service can get you on track.

Some types of content that won’t always work are:

  • All about yourself: People love to hear about your achievements and how great your product is. But, trust me, not always! In the long run, too much self-promotion becomes an invitation to unfollow you. 
  • Too much repetition: Using the same content for many purposes is a good strategy that saves time and effort, but too much of it may backfire. Make sure not to flood your audience with the same content at every single place.
  • Erroneous content: Your content don’t always have to be 100% grammatically correct. Writing more like you talk to the readers is what you need. But beware of typos, grammatical errors that is meaningless or sometimes silly as these may irritate the readers.

Compelling content makes people come back to your page and share it with others. In addition, to be consistent, your content should also be precise and easy to read.

Though ‘good content’ alone is not adequate, it is the first step to gain engagement and stand out in the world of social media marketing.

Not taking metrics seriously

One of the biggest advantages of social media is the ability to measure the results. Every platform has its own type of metrics which will tell you the effectiveness of your current strategy. 

Make sure you analyse your metrics often and revise your plans according to what works best for you.

Not being attentive to the analytics may result in you spending so much of your time, efforts and even money on the wrong path. Know your goal and track it frequently.


Patience is the key to success on this platform. No one can go to the top overnight. Gaining trust and making yourself familiar with the audience is not that easy. It takes time. And it definitely is worth the wait.

There are companies that fail to understand this and quit as soon as they see a dip in their engagement. So, be patient and work consistently.

Not giving the right mix of contents

There are a variety of content types available for you to experiment on. Apart from just the written content, there are audio, video, infographics, reviews or even comments on the posts that needs attention.

Your followers may get bored of just paragraphs and paragraphs of words to read every time. Mix it up with some videos or GIFs or any other type of content to spice up your space.


There are lots of businesses that are in the social media just for the sake of being on it. They post occasionally or not post at all. This is not what social media marketing is. You can not, or to be frank, should not expect results from a dormant page. 

It’s high time to realize that social media is to connect with people and show the human behind the brand to the public. Not being consistent and frequent in posting contents in it may be bad for your business. 

You don’t necessarily have to be online for the majority of the days or post every single day to be active. But, be consistent. If you plan to post every week, be there every single week. Consistency should be maintained on any social media platform to see the success.

So, what are you waiting for? 

It’s time to take your mobile notes or in the old school way-  a pen and paper, and analyze your social media strategy. Dive deep into the details and see where you lag and correct it.

Still not sure how or not enough time?

We are here to help!

Hire us!! 

And we, Samastha consulting, are ready to understand your goals and help you with the social media marketing plans!

Email marketing is crucial for small businesses. Here’s why.

Hi there! 

So, you own a business? And your business has a website? A social media profile? 

Then you would know how people stop by your site, have a glance at it and then leave.

But the real question is- Will they come back?

Optimistically, they may come back next week!  Next month! Well, let’s be honest, there are chances that they may not come back at all. No matter how good your content is, they may forget. 

It means, you just lost the opportunity to nurture that visitor into a potential customer.

Which is why you would need people to come back to your page- to know you, to get used to your business, to TRUST you…

For that you may have to keep reminding them of your presence. And you know what, you can do that with ease by getting directly into their personal space – the email box. And Tada! It’s a cost-effective way too!!

Why should email marketing work?

Your customer might be on Facebook. Well, they may be using Instagram or Pinterest or Snapchat or even TikTok. But where do you think you can guarantee to catch them? In their inbox.


Every. Single. Day.

Other platforms can be more attractive than emails. But emails have the advantage of giving the customers control over what they wish to receive. This helps in creating authenticity with the human on the other side. By opting in to receive your email, they have given a thought to consider you.

Building trust

People would need to trust you before they think of buying from you. Unless they are familiar with you or your brand for quite some time, the trust wouldn’t come into play. 

Emailing them often could help you do this well. 

Through email, you talk to them and share with them about your life as if they are your friend. By making them familiar with what you do and who you are, you get a bit closer to earning their trust.

No algorithm to stop you

What is it with social media and its algorithm? They keep on changing in order to keep the space organic. Which means, even your most committed social media follower wouldn’t see all of your posts when they rely only on the algorithm.

But for emails, once they have trusted you to give you the id, your voice gets in their inbox whenever you wish. Unless they unsubscribe from your list. So make sure you present them the quality content effectively. (Fret not, we have got your back here!)

A way to remember

Once they have started to like what you do and how you showcase your brand, your occasional product recommendations would show results. Even if they don’t buy that instant, down the road they would think of you when they need the particular product you mentioned.

Does that mean opting out of social media?


It wouldn’t be very wise to give up on social media.

Social media is the most integral part of lead generation. Social media will help you to get people on your mailing list. 

Use this space wisely!

Remember, emails are the best way to build a relationship. Hence, try to be careful with what you write in it. Make sure to follow the 80/20 rule of giving 80% value to the customer and restricting your sales pitch to 20%. People tend to get bored with being sold-to on a regular basis. 

Wondering how to get the right rope to reach your potential customers? Samastha is here for you. Connect with us and we could help you with your sales.

Happy Marketing!

The ONLY 3 ingredients you need to build a million dollar brand

Okay, here’s the deal. As entrepreneurs all of us want success. Immense success. But, truth be told, very few of us make it to the top. Most of us end up with a dream and no action. 

So how do you make the leap from idea to action, from dream to reality and from good to great?

The answer is very simple. Simple but not easy.

You need 3 things to build a successful brand. Only 3.

Honestly, part of me wants to keep this wisdom a secret because nobody likes to share gold :/

But, you are important to me, so here they are – 

  1. Skills – There ain’t no midnight success stories. If you think there are, I’m sorry to break it to you honey, but you’re lying to yourself. 

Success takes effort, learning more than you did yesterday, building skills you need to thrive in this world and getting out of your comfort zone. 

One of my all-time favorite quotes is – Success lies in your effort zone. 

So, learn. If you’re a chemist, learn all there is to know about medicines, if you’re a farmer, learn all there is to know about farming if you’re a copywriter learn all there is to know about writing. 

And trust me, the more you learn, the more you can potentially learn and all this learning turns into unparalleled excellence. 

This is definitely the one true way to succeed.

  1. Marketing – A lot of great brands go under the radar because they don’t put themselves out there. 

They think they don’t have marketing budgets or simply because their owners don’t think marketing is important. 

But, I have a question for you. If you don’t put yourself out there… how will anybody know you exist. 

Building a brand means positioning and promoting. If you’re unwilling to do this, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Another reason people do not market is because of fear. Fear is literally the worst enemy of an entrepreneur. Being stuck and not putting yourself out there can literally cost you your entire business. 

Dare to show up in front of your audience. This itself is enough to help make sales.

  1. Commitment – This is a no-brainer really. But, commit. 

Show up for your business, this very act of showing up, committing for a life of excellence is the one thing that will potentially help you succeed.

Along the way there will be failures, there will be times we get derailed, there will be people who don’t buy our product, there will be times we make mistake after mistake after mistake.

But, commitment means being humble, learning from mistakes and correcting them.

I hope you found these 3 tips useful If you did, follow our blog and make sure to follow us on all our socials @samastha_consulting.

If you are a business owner and want us to do the marketing for you. Feel free to reach out to us.

Much Love,

Team Samastha

This is the ULTIMATE marketing framework you absolutely NEED in your life!

I have seen so many people complicate marketing. But, I am here to tell you that marketing is simple. It really is… provided you use the right framework.

Do you want to learn a foolproof way to succeed in your marketing efforts?

Okay, okay. I’ll tell you. 

But, promise me that you will not share it with your friends, family, and anybody that needs it. 

You see this formula is a bar of marketing gold and we wouldn’t want too many people finding out about our gold bar now, do we?

Are you ready?

Okay… I am not going to make you wait any longer.

The secret formula to mastering marketing is understanding the – What, why, who, where, and when!


Well, yes.

But, identifying and implementing this framework is crucial to enjoying marketing success.

Let me break it down for you.

We start with the “What”

First off, define what is the product you are selling. 

Understand your product, live and breathe your product.

But, that is not nearly enough. You see while understanding the technicalities is important… There is something that is far more worthy of your time as a marketer. 

This is what you will eventually use to sell your product.  

What am I talking about?

Simple – It is the understanding of what challenge you are solving for the customer.

The mere understanding of the challenge you are solving will give clarity about who your target audience should be.

The unfortunate truth is that so many businesses do not understand what is the problem they are solving and focus on the features of the product.

See, in a battle between the heart and the head or logic Vs. emotion… The heart often wins. Most purchases are made solely because of emotion and not logic.

This is why talking about the challenge you solve is so important. It helps you connect with your ideal audience and tap into their emotions.

So, how do you figure out what problems you solve? Simple. 

  • Describe your product – Eg: My product is a machine that washes and dries clothes.
  • Describe the core challenge it solves – Eg: My product fights against the toughest of stains and destroys them.
  • Voila! There you have it. You literally need to describe what challenges your product helps solve. 

But, have you noticed so many washing machine companies still focus on describing their features in their ads?

This doesn’t resonate with audiences.

Focusing ads on the solutions your product offers is a sure shot way to create positive engagement with your audience.

So, that is the first “W”.

Next up, the “Why”

A brand may have a million reasons to run a marketing campaign –

  • They may want more leads
  • More brand awareness
  • More coversions

Or anything along those lines. Define your specific goal. Why are you running this campaign in the first place? Do you want to make more sales? Or simply grow a following at this stage? 

Be as specific as possible. Eg: I want 10 new customers to purchase my product in the month of March.

This will give you direction and ensure you know exactly how much to spend and where to spend it to get this kind of result.

Now, the “Who”

Okay… so… we know “what” we offer our clients, we also know what problems we solve. So, the next integral piece of the marketing puzzle is figuring out “who” we should target.

So, this is where you would create target personas.

Be as detailed as you can and define every single factor about your customer.

This will help you craft a smart campaign that is sure to appeal to them.

For washing machines – One of the target markets could be a middle-class mom.

So, this is what a target persona would look like.

Name – Shanti Suraj

Age – 35 years

Place of residence – Mumbai, India

Marital Status – Married

No. of children – 2

Employment status – Home Maker

Personality – Outgoing, loves family unconditionally, constantly looking for ways to keep home clean and tidy.

Primary challenges with clothes – Clothes become dull after wash, always fighting stains with hacks she finds online (thanks to her toddlers)

So, if you have more than one type of customer… Define their attributes. You can and probably should make it more detailed than the example here.

After describing their attributes you could come up with a few key messages that would appeal to them.

Eg: We know you are a warrior. A warrior fighting stains. The dirt on the collar of your husband. The ketchup you spilled on your favorite Kurti. The mud that has found its way all over your children. 

Our washing machine helps your battle a tad bit easier with advance nanotechnology that gets rid of stains in one cycle.

So, what are you waiting for? I think its time for a washing machine upgrade. Don’t you? Head on over to your latest _____ storeroom today for a limited period launch offer

Next up – The “Where”

Once you have the target audience nailed down, all you have to do is figure out where they hang out.

Are they a younger audience found on Instagram, are they a politically active audience trying their hand at making an impression on Twitter?

Do they watch TV? Read the newspaper? Google to find answers?

Once you have that, note down the channels you will use and what type of content each channel needs.

Finally, the “When”

So, now you know what channels you are going to post on. All that is left is deciding when to post your content. Check to see when your ads get the most engagement – Is it on the weekends? Weekdays? What time are people looking at this type of content?

………. and there you have it!

A foolproof way to reach the hearts of your future customers with the magic of the W’s.

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Is your marketing campaign REALLY performing as well as you hoped it would?

Marketing is awesome, it spreads awareness about your brand, keeps new customers engaged and gets old customers to keep coming back to you. So, yes. Marketing is awesome. Marketing is super cool. But, the downside to marketing is that people don’t spend nearly enough time continuing their marketing efforts or they do not stop and see if their campaigns are doing as well as they thought. Reflection is key if you want your firm to grow with marketing. The marketing world is extremely dynamic and we need to regroup and evaluate our performance every now and then.

Data can be easily accessed and analyzed if we are using digital marketing as a way to promote our business. Since this is the case we need to identify what our key performance indicators are, how they impact our growth and how can we improve our marketing strategy by understanding these results. Here is a list of marketing KPIs that can prove to be useful to anybody interested in the growth of their firm:

The cost of customer acquisition – This is an easy figure to ascertain. Imagine you spent about Rs. 5000 on an ad campaign and got 10 new customers that month, your COCA = Rs. 500. So, that makes COCA = Total spend on marketing during a time frame divided by the number of customers you get in that time frame.

While this figure is easy to calculate, it may help you figure out what your marketing budget should look like in the next months depending on how many more customers you want. For example, if we take the previous example and say you want 20 new customers in a month your COCA would be Rs. 10000/-.

Post reach – As a company, your initial marketing objective may simply be to increase awareness. So, at this stage, your KPI could simply be the number of people who are viewing your post/product on social media. This is an easy one to track and optimize. Suppose a type of post isn’t doing well, pause, analyze and reflect on better strategies. See if certain types of posts are doing better than others and post the type of content more people are responding to.  You could also work on using better tags and better formats to attract more attention to your post. Another strategy that may prove to be useful is to use fresh and inspiring personal content from everyday experiences to promote posts, personal posts have a lasting impact on readers and they connect with your story instantly. One more possibility is to ask your followers for questions, this will give you insight into the customers actual needs and this will help you engage with real audience.

The number of leads – Leads are your bread and butter. While building a brand your primary focus will always be to build leads. With an increase in leads, there is a potential to increase sales which would intern lead to an increase in revenues and profits and this is what companies strive to achieve. So, look at how many people have shown interest in purchasing your product/service in a given time frame and look at how you can effectively engage with leads to make them potential customers. A pro tip while measuring leads is to keep in mind that we need to focus more on where the number of leads are higher. For example, is Adwords giving me more revenue Vs. Facebook ads Vs. LinkedIn.

The number of leads that convert to actual customers- This is a good number to point out how effectively you are engaging with potential clients. This number will help measure the number of people who become customers through the marketing efforts. It will also give you an insight into how you can engage with leads more effectively in the future. This will also give significant insight into which channels are giving quality leads.

The lifetime value of our customers – This is a tough one to crack, but if done can really tell you if marketing efforts are going your way. You can calculate the lifetime value of a customer simply by multiplying revenue into the gross profit margin into the estimated number of repeat purchases.

Assume that you are a person that sells pens. A customer buys a set of 5 pens from us at the rate of Rs 10 each, we think that they will purchase a set of 5 pens every month this year. It costs us Rs 5 to manufacture each pen. Let us calculate the LTV here

Revenue = 5*10 = Rs 50/-

Gross profit margin = (50-25)/50 = 0.5 = 50%

Number of repeat sales = 12

So, the Lifetime Value of this customer = 50*0.5*12 = Rs 300/-

At this point access if the marketing efforts done to this client were worth it. You do not need to do away with the client fully, but can prioritize a different strategy for them.

Measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of campaigns can prove to be very helpful while trying to increase sales.
Marketing is a vital business function, so do not avoid assessing and evaluating results and reorganizing efforts.

Reference article – https://vtldesign.com/digital-marketing/16-marketing-kpis-to-measure/

Your business needs a STRONG online presence. Here is why.

I still remember the days. You know, the good old days when we would actually walk to stores to buy things that we wanted. But, hey things are changing and there are not a lot of old-school people out there.

Today, we have the privilege of being able to everything with a click of a button. Just that. A click of a button. This is why more and more people prefer online shopping to traditional shopping. Honestly, even I find myself reaching for my phone when I want to buy something.

So, its a no brainer really! Get on the internet or seize to exist. (*Cue the dramatic music*). No, but seriously. It is that simple. If you are still not convinced, here are 4 completely good reasons to convince you otherwise.

Make them come to you

Earlier, marketing was about the product. Companies would reach the customer and educate them about the product. Right? Example – This XX washing machine has a 3 KG capacity and has an extended warranty of 2 years, yada yada yada. We see this even today, but the key difference is that people can find you, people are literally searching for you and if you can make the campaign about them… dude, they are sold right there. Smart SEO strategies and branding can make people feel connected to your brand and once they feel connected, they’re going to buy from you for the rest of their lives. Moreover, people are very likely to google your company before choosing to buy from you. They would want to look at and compare you to your competitors before making a purchase.

An easy to access product catalog/portfolio

Showcasing your offering/product has never been easier. The internet gives companies the platform to exhibit and market their products along with client testimonials. This is the best feedback loop for any company, it gives brands word-of-mouth marketing and also gives scope to give potential customers a clear idea about the quality of the product. Internet users are more likely to trust the review of other users as opposed to ones given by the company themselves.

Build personal relationships with clients

Social media gives people a voice and makes them more “human”. Brands have a unique opportunity to engage with real people, real faces and real personalities and flaunt their own stories online. This allows brands to share personal relationships with their followers. Personal relationships often lead to better prospects.

Marketing! Marketing! Marketing!

Marketing on social media is not only awesome but also really cheap. You can market a brand if you have Rs 40/- or you have Rs 400/-. Need I mention the fact that people spend approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phones, a device that is so personal to them. Seriously, social media is the best way to connect to people.