7 Tips for getting your small business through these uncertain times

In light of the current CoronaVirus pandemic, almost all of us are feeling overwhelmed. As with all such pandemics, people are currently facing a fear of uncertainty along with the new pressure of being quarantined.

In the midst of the chaos, small businesses are predicted to face harder times. If you think you have lost hopes of pushing your business forward, then, my friend, I should definitely say this – It’s going to be fine. Yeah, Completely fine!

It’s O.K. to be anxious and feel confused. But the thing is to stay strong and focus on making the best out of this worst.

Yes, you have entered into the sudden crisis mode. And that’s completely ok – we all are at that stage. But remember, the one who crosses these days with grace and determination, will be the ones who are going to emerge out successful against the odds.

If you are wondering how to help your business thrive during these hard times, then you must read on.

Take your business online!

Around the world, most of the population is under lockdown. This means the only way you can reach your target audience is by being online. 

If you already have been maintaining a good online presence, then you would know what I mean. So, go on and rock your online world like never before. But, if you still are in a dilemma of digitizing your business or not, then this situation would have shown you the right path – You Should Go Online!

Why wait? Go online, do more social media posts, come up with new digital marketing strategies, or whatever you feel right about improving your online reach – because this is the right time to do it.

Connect with your customers

Well, I know you are already under the spell of the uncertainty. But, make sure to get in touch with your customers. Make sure to intimate them about the steps you are taking during these times – about your working hours, policies and such.

You could use this time to get feedback from your customers and improve their customer experience. Be in touch through emails or any social media activities. Use this time to build trust in them. 

Now that you are quite free, be that human voice every customer would want to connect with. 

Free or pay-what-you-wish offers

Not only you, but everyone is stuck in this economical crisis. Try offering discounts on your products or service to grab people’s attention. 

You can also conduct some online programs for free or in a pay-what-you-wish kind of way. People are locked at home looking for ways to spend time indoors. Use this time to create a good rapport with them.

Spend the right way

Most small businesses are negatively affected by this COVID-19 pandemic. To thrive through this, you must definitely take steps to cut operation costs. But make sure your decisions don’t have severe impacts on your employees – like, try not to layoff the workforce. 

Sponsored campaigns, paid online activities can be put on hold for a while. Instead, you can focus on some free or low-cost ways of promoting your business. You can go creative with social media posts and do more posts than usual. Do some videos and share using youtube. Make use of a variety of platforms available and get the most out of it.

Device a crisis management plan

As with COVID-19, it came as an unprecedented crisis for the whole world. Most small businesses would not have faced such a situation ever before. So, not many have a pre-planned strategy for these emergency situations. 

However, it is wiser to learn from this. Make sure to start analysing your business model and device a crisis management plan for the future.

Upskill your workforce

Is your business on hold? That means all your employees may be at home trying hard to kill time. Why don’t you use that to benefit you, your business and your employees?

Recommend your employees to take up some upskilling courses or conduct online sessions to improve their talent. You can also just have a virtual meeting with them to notify about current business status.

This way, you can keep them engaged and satisfied as well as retain their talent. 

Last, but not least – Relax!

Well, It is O.K… This situation is not your fault. Eventually, this too shall pass. People will be back to normal (after a while maybe). Your business will be back to normal. And everything will turn out just like you want it to be. All you have to do is put a little effort to keep it going strong and steady. 

At the same time, you have been doing a great job and hard work for a very long time. Now maybe the time to take it smooth and relax a bit. So, calm down! And spend some precious hours with your family! 

Wrapping it up…

Hope these 7 tips have given you an idea on how to keep your business going smoothly in spite of this sudden break. It will get better soon.  

So, as of now, stay home, stay safe and start preparing to give a rocking comeback! 

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