How to rock your network marketing as an introvert

Be it virtual or in real life, does interacting with strangers make you bit peaky, but you still want to get into the field of marketing? Maybe because your work profile demands a network marketing skill or you own a business that needs to be marketed.

Fret not, who said marketing is not for introverts? You may not feel great in coming up with a striking conversation with a complete stranger or uninterested in attending social gatherings. But that wouldn’t mean you couldn’t shine in the area of marketing.

Being introverted doesn’t mean being shy, aloof or socially awkward. Introverts are actually people who could get the best out of themselves when they are alone. 

It would be surprising to know that some of the most famous entrepreneurs who made the best out of marketing are introverts themselves – Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, to name a few. Didn’t they just outshine most extroverts out there?

After all, networking and connecting with people is a skill, which can be improved.

Traits of an introvert

No whole individual can be classified as an introvert or an extrovert. An extremely introverted person could have a few extrovert traits ànd come under the spectrum of both. 

An introvert may generally be categorized by the following traits – which are in fact beneficial at most times.

  • Get energy by being alone
  • Make better decisions on their own
  • Not affected by distractions
  • Handle situations independently
  • Think before they act
  • Prefer indirect mode of communication
  • Reluctant to volunteer
  • Avoids the spotlight

It is not that they  – let’s say ‘we’ (Because I am definitely an introvert) – are shy and frightened of being with other people. It is just that pointless conversations and unwanted distractions tend to pull down our energy. 

Can introverts do network marketing?

Sure we can. Being great at networking doesn’t mean you should be an extrovert. Introverts too can do it and be successful in it. 

We just have to come out of our comfort zone and learn to bring out some extrovert characteristics in us. 

But you definitely need not want to become an extrovert to become a thriving marketer.

Networking practices all introverts need to know

Not everyone is innately good at attending social gatherings or a networking event. But that is completely OK. 

The thing is that: as an introvert, with some practice and a few simple tips, you can easily handle these circumstances and rock your marketing journey. 

Here are a few such hacks which can help you tackle a networking process with less worry. 

1. Plan ahead

If starting conversation is what you struggle with, then you must reduce the stress by planning ahead. Prepare for an upcoming gathering or an event by researching people who are attending it. Know about them earlier so that you can have some base idea on what topic to talk with different people.

2. Focus on others

Sometimes, a gap between the conversation can be more terrifying to an introvert than the conversation itself. Try to fill in the void by asking questions so that you don’t feel that the focus will be on you. After all, people love being asked questions.

3. Take a friend along

You could always bring in your friend or a known person so that you don’t feel lonely and anxious in the midst of strangers. But make sure not to miss connecting with new people too.

4. Start with one on one conversation

Introverts are basically good at maintaining good one on one relationships. So, try speaking to one person at a time. That way, you can even refrain from talking a lot by making a real effort to listen.

5. Give yourself a break

If you really are overwhelmed with the crowd and the people, then back off slowly to give yourself a rest. 

Go! Grab your favourite book and Retreat to a peaceful couch spot. 

Or have a nice hot coffee and mentally process all the events of the day in silence.

Such ME-times can help you to recharge yourself to go back to rock your networking.

With all these said, there is nothing wrong in pushing yourself to learn some extroverted skills and executing them in your life. But the key is to embrace your introverted inner self and go along with what works best for you. 

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