Top 6 types of content marketing that will help you grow your business

❌Contents are a good way to fill up your web pages and social media posts.❌

Well, if you are in such an idea about contents, then you are terribly misinformed. 

Content creates brand awareness. It drives traffic to your website. It helps you create a bond with your present and future clients. To be precise, as everyone says, ‘CONTENT IS THE KING!’

It forms a foundation for digital marketing. Content is everywhere around you. It lives forever, literally, FOR – EVER! Which is why it is highly important for any business to focus on content marketing strategy.

Why Content Strategy?

Just an article, be it 500 or 2000 words, with loads of information for your viewers, won’t always work. You need to be clear about producing the right kind of content for the right people at the right time. For that, you should have a viable content strategy. 

The first step for arriving at a content strategy that would work out for you is to understand your customers and their needs. Good content should provide solutions to what your customers are looking for. 

With a variety of platforms available to implement content marketing, it is up to you to choose the right format to engage with your readers and eventually improve your traffic or sales.

Below is a curated list of top 6 types of content marketing that could pep up your reach.

1. Blog posts

Blogging is not new but it has become more sophisticated in recent years. More businesses have started using blogs as a tool for engaging their audience. 

Being the promising type of inbound marketing, blogs when designed to be informative, relevant and of good quality tend to attract prospects and convert them to leads.

The best part is that they are relatively easy to write and share. It gives greater visibility to the search engines provided the content is incorporated with appropriate keywords.

Search engines are where you can reach a majority of the people. For that to happen, search engines algorithms should be willing to rank you on the top. This is one place where blogs can be of great help.

When someone’s search leads them to your blog, it could be easy for them to get to know your products or services. 

Note that, the algorithms have changed and search engines have become intelligent, hence, only high-quality contents get recognition.

2. Social media posts

An estimate says, in the year 2018, 2.65 billion people are said to be on social media worldwide. That is said to increase to almost 3.1 billion by 2021…

Dude! That is literally a very big number!

Because we love distraction. We love knowing people. We love staying in touch with people. We love the information it showers. We love the entertainment it provides.

Which is why social media can be one of the best bet in your content strategy. Your business can reach billions. All you need to do is provide the right content for the right people. Be it video, audio, text or infographics, social media can help you showcase them to the world. 

After all, this is where you can get to know your audience. Interaction and engagement are higher in social media which can be highly beneficial for running a successful venture.

3. Podcasts

Not many businesses have included this in their content strategy. Which, by the way, is one of the most important reasons that you should enter into the world of podcasts TODAY!.

Who doesn’t multitask these days? Everyone is running behind time to check a box in their to-do list. If you would want to squeeze into this busy schedule of your audience, then podcasts should be your go-to option.

Blog posts or videos require people to allocate time to sit and read or watch. But Podcasts can be heard on the go without any effort. Be it while driving a car or working out in gym, podcasts could give them company.

With low competition and the growing popularity of the podcasts, the listeners are exceptionally loyal to the selected programs they watch. This could eventually help in developing a good customer base for your business.

4. Infographics

I bet everyone would have had that day when you just glance at the pictures in the newspaper. At least once. Have you wondered, you may eventually end up in reading a piece of article just because the graphic attracted you?

That is the power of graphics. And so is Infographics.

They provide us with a great deal of information, from statistics to definitions to research, in an engaging and easy-to-read way. It tempts people to want to see provided the art of infographic creation is handled in the right manner. 

Make sure to give legitimate information in a clear manner through infographics. If not always, then at least, once in a while.

5. E-books, Printables or Guides

Hunt for resources never stops for a human. Which is why, providing e-resources like E-books, printable guides can be of great help to improve your reach. A good strategy is to start with providing free resources straight to the visitor’s mail helping you to build an e-mail list.

Keeping the promotional elements to as minimum as 5% can provide greater value to your customers. They are looking for solutions and information. Provide it. If you have done a good job in gaining their trust and interest, they will come back for your paid resources too.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest can be addictive. It gives you hours and hours of creative ideas. Moreover, it is kind of a visual search engine that could give endless traffic to your website. Unlike other search engines, it gives a visually pleasing search experience.

More and more people are searching for ideas and inspiration on this platform. This space serves as a highly-targeted advertising tool. The numbers say that a whopping 93% of pinners are using Pinterest to plan for future purchase. Which means it provides your business or the website with a genuine audience. 

With Pinterest playing a major role in most people’s purchase decisions, Pinterest marketing should definitely be a part of your business’s digital marketing strategy.

If you are willing to experiment with these most sought-after content types, then you should put in your work and get feedback from your customers to optimize your plans. 

With that said, if ever you need a helping hand with effective content planning, Samastha is just a call away. 😊

Hire us and we could help you reap the benefits of high traffic and lead generation for your business.

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