Here’s why 95% of people fail at social media marketing. (And how you can succeed!)

‘70% of the U.S. population has a profile on at least one social networking site.’

‘More than 80% of small businesses use social media marketing to maximise their reach.’

‘54% of internet users use social media to research the products they need.’

‘71% of customers with a positive experience with a seller on social media are likely to promote it to their peers.’

Be it a billion-dollar business or a local store, social media is the best way for any business to connect to people – an incredibly large group of people. We view social media as a personal space, hence gaining their trust is easy through this platform.


Don’t let these numbers get into your head. Because, the fact that most businesses fail to make any profit from this space is also true. Reasons could be plenty. Social media marketing requires more effort and time to take it to the right path. The right knowledge about what you are doing and what your audience want can take you to heights.

Here are a few of those reasons why most businesses fail miserably in social media marketing and how you could avoid making the same mistake.

Lack of a proper plan

Are you worried that you have been stuck in the pitfall of social media and failing deep in it?

You get all those likes and comments you want, but not sure why you don’t have that desired output in sales? 

Getting likes and comments from some random visitor of your page isn’t what the social media is about. Engagement is the key, but understand it needs to be the right kind of engagement.

  • First off: Understand who is your customer. Developing a customer persona can help you better. Know what your potential clients are looking for. And act accordingly.
  • Plan which platform has more of your target audience and focus on that. 
  • Document your social media marketing strategy so that you don’t deviate from it. 

Investing in social media marketing without having a plan can have adverse effects on your sales. Make sure to spend time on planning an effective strategy to avoid putting people off your brand.

Content that doesn’t work out

Remember, anyone on the web is there for a reason – information, motivation, fun or even time pass. Focusing on the need of the audience rather than boosting your product or service can get you on track.

Some types of content that won’t always work are:

  • All about yourself: People love to hear about your achievements and how great your product is. But, trust me, not always! In the long run, too much self-promotion becomes an invitation to unfollow you. 
  • Too much repetition: Using the same content for many purposes is a good strategy that saves time and effort, but too much of it may backfire. Make sure not to flood your audience with the same content at every single place.
  • Erroneous content: Your content don’t always have to be 100% grammatically correct. Writing more like you talk to the readers is what you need. But beware of typos, grammatical errors that is meaningless or sometimes silly as these may irritate the readers.

Compelling content makes people come back to your page and share it with others. In addition, to be consistent, your content should also be precise and easy to read.

Though ‘good content’ alone is not adequate, it is the first step to gain engagement and stand out in the world of social media marketing.

Not taking metrics seriously

One of the biggest advantages of social media is the ability to measure the results. Every platform has its own type of metrics which will tell you the effectiveness of your current strategy. 

Make sure you analyse your metrics often and revise your plans according to what works best for you.

Not being attentive to the analytics may result in you spending so much of your time, efforts and even money on the wrong path. Know your goal and track it frequently.


Patience is the key to success on this platform. No one can go to the top overnight. Gaining trust and making yourself familiar with the audience is not that easy. It takes time. And it definitely is worth the wait.

There are companies that fail to understand this and quit as soon as they see a dip in their engagement. So, be patient and work consistently.

Not giving the right mix of contents

There are a variety of content types available for you to experiment on. Apart from just the written content, there are audio, video, infographics, reviews or even comments on the posts that needs attention.

Your followers may get bored of just paragraphs and paragraphs of words to read every time. Mix it up with some videos or GIFs or any other type of content to spice up your space.


There are lots of businesses that are in the social media just for the sake of being on it. They post occasionally or not post at all. This is not what social media marketing is. You can not, or to be frank, should not expect results from a dormant page. 

It’s high time to realize that social media is to connect with people and show the human behind the brand to the public. Not being consistent and frequent in posting contents in it may be bad for your business. 

You don’t necessarily have to be online for the majority of the days or post every single day to be active. But, be consistent. If you plan to post every week, be there every single week. Consistency should be maintained on any social media platform to see the success.

So, what are you waiting for? 

It’s time to take your mobile notes or in the old school way-  a pen and paper, and analyze your social media strategy. Dive deep into the details and see where you lag and correct it.

Still not sure how or not enough time?

We are here to help!

Hire us!! 

And we, Samastha consulting, are ready to understand your goals and help you with the social media marketing plans!

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