This is the ULTIMATE marketing framework you absolutely NEED in your life!

I have seen so many people complicate marketing. But, I am here to tell you that marketing is simple. It really is… provided you use the right framework.

Do you want to learn a foolproof way to succeed in your marketing efforts?

Okay, okay. I’ll tell you. 

But, promise me that you will not share it with your friends, family, and anybody that needs it. 

You see this formula is a bar of marketing gold and we wouldn’t want too many people finding out about our gold bar now, do we?

Are you ready?

Okay… I am not going to make you wait any longer.

The secret formula to mastering marketing is understanding the – What, why, who, where, and when!


Well, yes.

But, identifying and implementing this framework is crucial to enjoying marketing success.

Let me break it down for you.

We start with the “What”

First off, define what is the product you are selling. 

Understand your product, live and breathe your product.

But, that is not nearly enough. You see while understanding the technicalities is important… There is something that is far more worthy of your time as a marketer. 

This is what you will eventually use to sell your product.  

What am I talking about?

Simple – It is the understanding of what challenge you are solving for the customer.

The mere understanding of the challenge you are solving will give clarity about who your target audience should be.

The unfortunate truth is that so many businesses do not understand what is the problem they are solving and focus on the features of the product.

See, in a battle between the heart and the head or logic Vs. emotion… The heart often wins. Most purchases are made solely because of emotion and not logic.

This is why talking about the challenge you solve is so important. It helps you connect with your ideal audience and tap into their emotions.

So, how do you figure out what problems you solve? Simple. 

  • Describe your product – Eg: My product is a machine that washes and dries clothes.
  • Describe the core challenge it solves – Eg: My product fights against the toughest of stains and destroys them.
  • Voila! There you have it. You literally need to describe what challenges your product helps solve. 

But, have you noticed so many washing machine companies still focus on describing their features in their ads?

This doesn’t resonate with audiences.

Focusing ads on the solutions your product offers is a sure shot way to create positive engagement with your audience.

So, that is the first “W”.

Next up, the “Why”

A brand may have a million reasons to run a marketing campaign –

  • They may want more leads
  • More brand awareness
  • More coversions

Or anything along those lines. Define your specific goal. Why are you running this campaign in the first place? Do you want to make more sales? Or simply grow a following at this stage? 

Be as specific as possible. Eg: I want 10 new customers to purchase my product in the month of March.

This will give you direction and ensure you know exactly how much to spend and where to spend it to get this kind of result.

Now, the “Who”

Okay… so… we know “what” we offer our clients, we also know what problems we solve. So, the next integral piece of the marketing puzzle is figuring out “who” we should target.

So, this is where you would create target personas.

Be as detailed as you can and define every single factor about your customer.

This will help you craft a smart campaign that is sure to appeal to them.

For washing machines – One of the target markets could be a middle-class mom.

So, this is what a target persona would look like.

Name – Shanti Suraj

Age – 35 years

Place of residence – Mumbai, India

Marital Status – Married

No. of children – 2

Employment status – Home Maker

Personality – Outgoing, loves family unconditionally, constantly looking for ways to keep home clean and tidy.

Primary challenges with clothes – Clothes become dull after wash, always fighting stains with hacks she finds online (thanks to her toddlers)

So, if you have more than one type of customer… Define their attributes. You can and probably should make it more detailed than the example here.

After describing their attributes you could come up with a few key messages that would appeal to them.

Eg: We know you are a warrior. A warrior fighting stains. The dirt on the collar of your husband. The ketchup you spilled on your favorite Kurti. The mud that has found its way all over your children. 

Our washing machine helps your battle a tad bit easier with advance nanotechnology that gets rid of stains in one cycle.

So, what are you waiting for? I think its time for a washing machine upgrade. Don’t you? Head on over to your latest _____ storeroom today for a limited period launch offer

Next up – The “Where”

Once you have the target audience nailed down, all you have to do is figure out where they hang out.

Are they a younger audience found on Instagram, are they a politically active audience trying their hand at making an impression on Twitter?

Do they watch TV? Read the newspaper? Google to find answers?

Once you have that, note down the channels you will use and what type of content each channel needs.

Finally, the “When”

So, now you know what channels you are going to post on. All that is left is deciding when to post your content. Check to see when your ads get the most engagement – Is it on the weekends? Weekdays? What time are people looking at this type of content?

………. and there you have it!

A foolproof way to reach the hearts of your future customers with the magic of the W’s.

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Team Samastha

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