Email marketing is crucial for small businesses. Here’s why.

Hi there! 

So, you own a business? And your business has a website? A social media profile? 

Then you would know how people stop by your site, have a glance at it and then leave.

But the real question is- Will they come back?

Optimistically, they may come back next week!  Next month! Well, let’s be honest, there are chances that they may not come back at all. No matter how good your content is, they may forget. 

It means, you just lost the opportunity to nurture that visitor into a potential customer.

Which is why you would need people to come back to your page- to know you, to get used to your business, to TRUST you…

For that you may have to keep reminding them of your presence. And you know what, you can do that with ease by getting directly into their personal space – the email box. And Tada! It’s a cost-effective way too!!

Why should email marketing work?

Your customer might be on Facebook. Well, they may be using Instagram or Pinterest or Snapchat or even TikTok. But where do you think you can guarantee to catch them? In their inbox.


Every. Single. Day.

Other platforms can be more attractive than emails. But emails have the advantage of giving the customers control over what they wish to receive. This helps in creating authenticity with the human on the other side. By opting in to receive your email, they have given a thought to consider you.

Building trust

People would need to trust you before they think of buying from you. Unless they are familiar with you or your brand for quite some time, the trust wouldn’t come into play. 

Emailing them often could help you do this well. 

Through email, you talk to them and share with them about your life as if they are your friend. By making them familiar with what you do and who you are, you get a bit closer to earning their trust.

No algorithm to stop you

What is it with social media and its algorithm? They keep on changing in order to keep the space organic. Which means, even your most committed social media follower wouldn’t see all of your posts when they rely only on the algorithm.

But for emails, once they have trusted you to give you the id, your voice gets in their inbox whenever you wish. Unless they unsubscribe from your list. So make sure you present them the quality content effectively. (Fret not, we have got your back here!)

A way to remember

Once they have started to like what you do and how you showcase your brand, your occasional product recommendations would show results. Even if they don’t buy that instant, down the road they would think of you when they need the particular product you mentioned.

Does that mean opting out of social media?


It wouldn’t be very wise to give up on social media.

Social media is the most integral part of lead generation. Social media will help you to get people on your mailing list. 

Use this space wisely!

Remember, emails are the best way to build a relationship. Hence, try to be careful with what you write in it. Make sure to follow the 80/20 rule of giving 80% value to the customer and restricting your sales pitch to 20%. People tend to get bored with being sold-to on a regular basis. 

Wondering how to get the right rope to reach your potential customers? Samastha is here for you. Connect with us and we could help you with your sales.

Happy Marketing!

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