Your business needs a STRONG online presence. Here is why.

I still remember the days. You know, the good old days when we would actually walk to stores to buy things that we wanted. But, hey things are changing and there are not a lot of old-school people out there.

Today, we have the privilege of being able to everything with a click of a button. Just that. A click of a button. This is why more and more people prefer online shopping to traditional shopping. Honestly, even I find myself reaching for my phone when I want to buy something.

So, its a no brainer really! Get on the internet or seize to exist. (*Cue the dramatic music*). No, but seriously. It is that simple. If you are still not convinced, here are 4 completely good reasons to convince you otherwise.

Make them come to you

Earlier, marketing was about the product. Companies would reach the customer and educate them about the product. Right? Example – This XX washing machine has a 3 KG capacity and has an extended warranty of 2 years, yada yada yada. We see this even today, but the key difference is that people can find you, people are literally searching for you and if you can make the campaign about them… dude, they are sold right there. Smart SEO strategies and branding can make people feel connected to your brand and once they feel connected, they’re going to buy from you for the rest of their lives. Moreover, people are very likely to google your company before choosing to buy from you. They would want to look at and compare you to your competitors before making a purchase.

An easy to access product catalog/portfolio

Showcasing your offering/product has never been easier. The internet gives companies the platform to exhibit and market their products along with client testimonials. This is the best feedback loop for any company, it gives brands word-of-mouth marketing and also gives scope to give potential customers a clear idea about the quality of the product. Internet users are more likely to trust the review of other users as opposed to ones given by the company themselves.

Build personal relationships with clients

Social media gives people a voice and makes them more “human”. Brands have a unique opportunity to engage with real people, real faces and real personalities and flaunt their own stories online. This allows brands to share personal relationships with their followers. Personal relationships often lead to better prospects.

Marketing! Marketing! Marketing!

Marketing on social media is not only awesome but also really cheap. You can market a brand if you have Rs 40/- or you have Rs 400/-. Need I mention the fact that people spend approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phones, a device that is so personal to them. Seriously, social media is the best way to connect to people.

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